HUMMER is coming soon to Nashville - Franklin Drivers

Hummers have always been the pinnacle of space and power, but the upcoming Hummer EV offers features that drivers have only dreamt of. Our team is excited to give you the first glimpse at what the Hummer EV will offer and when you can expect to see them on our lot. There are many updates and new features that we are sure many of you will love.

The Hummer EV will be available as an SUV and a truck so that you can make the most of any adventure you have planned. The Hummer EV First Edition will be hitting Nashville streets this year.

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Interior Features & Design

The cabin of the Hummer EV will be like nothing you've ever seen. A large central touchscreen graces the front, an Infinity Roof with available Transparent Sky panels deflect sunlight while providing a panoramic roof, and the available Lunar Shadow or Lunar Horizon upholstery allows you to love every inch of the vehicle you drive.

The cabin of both the truck and SUV will be among the most spacious you find. Fold-flat seats, cargo floor with under-floor concealed storage, and a large storage compartment on the driver's side rear quarter panel all ensure you can fit the gear you need for any adventure or errand.

Exterior Features & Design

The Hummer EV is built for adventure, and having massive ground clearance and specially engineered 35-inch tires helps you get over anything that stands in your way. The power swing gate and MultiPro™ tailgate ensure the SUV and truck can handle any job you line it up for. Extract Mode complements the incredible ground clearance and allows you to lift nearly six inches higher.

Continuing to improve off-road capabilities, full underbody armor is available to protect your Hummer EV. Rock sliders, skid plates, and shields around vital components make sure every Hummer EV can get you where you want to be.

Performance & Eco Options

The Hummer EV comes with an unrivaled performance. The Hummer EV truck is estimated to have up to 1,000 horsepower, and the SUV is estimated for up to 830 horsepower. The electric powerplant is estimated to produce up to 11,500 pound-feet of torque to create the snappy acceleration that electric models are known for.

The Hummer EV will have capabilities that distinguish it from other models you might be considering; one such feature is Crab Walk. This mode allows your Hummer EV to move diagonally to get around obstacles or situations that would have previously been difficult or impossible. Charging for the Hummer EV is among the quickest available, allowing for almost 100 miles on just a ten-minute charge in some cases.


Technology & Safety

The Hummer EV will have Ultravision available. Ultravision puts up to eighteen cameras on the Hummer EV truck and up to seventeen on the Hummer EV SUV to help you see the road around you. This includes underbody forward-and-rear-facing cameras to give you a live view of the path or trail you're on. Super Cruise™ is equipped on the Hummer EV, allowing for three years of hands-free driving and automatic lane changing.

The cabin has two large screens equipped. The 12.3-inch color Driver Information Center and 13.4-inch color touch-screen show essential information and control your settings. Each system is customizable and conveniently located so that the driver can easily reach and see them. The innovative array of features in the Hummer EV ensures you can access everything you need for your time inside.